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All Web Leads Company Information

AWL is an Austin, TX based company that has been delivering tens of thousands of high-intent, qualified consumers to insurance agents every day for many years. AWL’s low shared lead cap and suite of premium leads products allows for contact and close rates that outperform industry averages. They have won 6 LeadsCouncil Leader awards including “Best Conversion Rate” two years in a row.

They also have a 250+ person call center in Texas that physically calls tens of thousands of consumers each day to ensure that all leads are accurate, legitimate and have true intent to speak with an agent right away.

Lead Types Available From All Web Leads

AWL provides leads for just about all lines. Their available lead types include: Auto, Health, Life, Home, Renters, Senior Health, Long Term Care, Disability, Business Property/Casualty and Business Benefits.

AWL Lead Delivery Options

AWL provides a variety of flexible options for receiving leads.  Options include email delivery, text messages, live transfer calls, integrations with your CRM or dialer and even custom integrations.

Current Lead Specials

For a limited time, if you sign up with AWL you will get 50% off eligible insurance leads.  To learn more about pricing, availability and which specific leads are eligible for 50% off – call All Web Leads at (855) 835-6278, or click here to complete an email form.

Buy Insurance Leads From QuoteWizard
QuoteWizard Company Information

QuoteWizard, based in Seattle, is a privately owned and operated company with a long legacy of industry leading online lead generation in the insurance space.  Each month they sell over 1 million leads to over 7,000 insurance agents – with their largest customers being Allstate and Farmers.  QuoteWizard prides itself on providing extremely high-intent insurance leads along with having the most liberal return policy in the industry.

Lead Types Available From QuoteWizard

The following types of leads are available from QuoteWizard: Auto, Home, Renters, Life & Health.

QuoteWizard Lead Delivery Options

As an agent that purchases leads from QuoteWizard, you are able to receive new leads via email, text message, CRM or even with a custom integration.

Current Specials

For a limited time, if you sign up with QuoteWizard, you will get 30% off life, auto, home and renters insurance leads.  In order to take advantage of this offer, call QuoteWizard at (855) 207-9755 or click here to submit an email form for more information.

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Everquote Company Information

Everquote has a strong history of generating auto insurance leads by applying sophisticated mathematics and technology to their online customer acquisition programs.  This has allowed them to drive high-quality, scalable auto insurance consumer leads to agents since 2008.  All auto insurance prospects are qualified by Everquote to confirm they are truly shopping for auto insurance prior to distributing the lead to an agent.  Everquote is also well-known for their best-in -class account managers that provide free 1-on-1 consultations to help ensure the best possible experience.

Everquote also boasts a 71% contact rate with the leads they provide agents, as well as a 10.1% close rate.  One of the reasons for this high rate of contact & closing is that they only sell a lead to an agent if the prospect has entered all 40+ pieces of information and specifically requests a quote from an agent.

Lead Types Available From Everquote

At this time, Everquote’s focus is 100% on auto leads.

Everquote Lead Delivery Options

When you sign up with Everquote, you are able to receive leads via email, CRM, rater and through your online account.

Current Specials

Everquote typically has promotions available for agents when they sign up.  In order to learn more about their current promotions, call them at (844) 707-8800 or click here to submit an email form to get more information.

Insurance Leads from Contactability
Contactability Company Information

Contactability is a leading insurance tech company that uses a proprietary customer acquisitions system to connect high-intent insurance consumers with their network of insurance agents and call centers.  One unique aspect of Contactability is that they operate a real-time bidding marketplace that allows agents to target and optimize their campaigns to maximize their ROI.

Contactability was honored with the Leads360 Lead Industry Award in 2011 for being the highest converting lead source in the industry – which is a testament to the quality of leads they are able to generate and pass on to agents.  In addition to delivering verified, high-intent data leads, they also provide qualified insurance calls that have a 100% contact rate and are guaranteed to want a quote.

Lead Types Available From Contactability

When you sign up with Contactability, you are able to gain access to the following types of insurance leads and calls: Auto, Home, Life, Renters, Commercial and Health.

Contactability Lead Delivery Options

When it comes to having leads delivered to you, agents are able to receive leads via live calls, email, text, CRM, an online account and custom integrations.

Current Specials

For a limited time, when you sign up for an account with Contactability, you will be given $100 in free lead credits.  In order to claim this free lead credit, call Contactability now at (855) 474-6637 or click here to submit a contact form for more information.

Insurance Leads From HomeTown Quotes
Hometown Quotes Company Information

Hometown Quotes is a company built by insurance agents for insurance agents.  The company, founded by former-agent Bob Klee was established in 2003 on the keystone of honest, trusted quality.  The company takes great pride in providing insurance leads that are not aged, recycled or incentivized. Hometown Quotes provides agents with unprecedented lead source transparency allowing agents to nurture and quote leads appropriately and work at their own pace.

Hometown Quotes offers a very competitive pricing structure compared to other top providers, and their customer service is known to be top notch among those in the industry.

Lead Types Available From Hometown Quotes

Hometown Quotes provides a variety of insurance lead types to agents such as: Auto, Renters, Home and Life.

Hometown Quotes Lead Delivery Options

Leads are delivered to agents by email, text message or lead management system.

Current Specials

If you sign up to give Hometown Quotes a shot today, they currently have a special offer available where they will do a 50% match on your deposit (up to a $500 deposit)!  To take advantage of this great promotion, call them at (855) 337-5448 – or click here to submit a form in order to receive more information.

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Datalot Company Information

Datalot is a leader in pay-per-call advertising for the insurance industry. They provide a real-time call marketplace that delivers highly qualified consumers directly into your existing sales proces.  This allows you to spend less time marketing, and more time closing sales with qualified prospects. Datalot’s 24/7 concierge agents qualify all live calls and hand them off to you – so your customers are able to experience a courteous, professional human being on the phone rather than an IVR.

In addition to having a pay-as-you-go pricing model with no contracts or long-term commitments, you are able to customize a wide variety of filters to ensure that you only receive live, consumer calls during the hours that work best for you and in the geographies you service. This puts you in complete control of what calls you receive and when.  Best yet, Datalot calls are exclusive so they are not shared with other lead buyers – and prospects call you… you don’t have to chase them down.

Lead Types Available From Datalot

Datalot offers live calls of prospects that are shopping for Auto, Home, Commercial, Life, Health, Medicare and Final Expense.

Datalot Lead Delivery Options

As a Datalot customer, you are able to receive leads via live call, the Datalot app, CRM / dialer, email and custom integrations.

Current Specials

If you try Datalot out today, they will give you $100 worth of free calls to get started.  In order to take advantage of this, simply call (855) 454-2123 or click here to complete a form to receive more information.